Step 1

Organise your old media

It's no problem to just put your films, videos etc in a box and send them to us - we'll sort them out for you.

However for the best results, gather whatever film, video, images or audio you have in once place and start by separating the material into 3 groups;

Irreplaceable These are the memories that should be preserved now, before it’s too late. They are probably the only copy in existence and the kind of things that your kids would give anything for once your gone. Don’t talk yourself out of converting these. Just ask yourself, if your house burnt down tonight, would you be ok with losing them forever?

Questionable If you’re in the enviable position of having a large volume of memories, there’s always a chance there are some you can do with out. Perhaps it’s your ex-husband / wife? A holiday you’d rather forget? In a perfect world, preserving any memory would be the best option but if budget is an issue, this is a good place to look. Make a judgment about what you could afford to lose.

Unwanted This is where you’ll put blank tapes, TV shows recorded by accident – the kind of thing that no one really wants to see. If you have no way of checking these, send them to us and we’ll check for you.

To get the best result, it’s best to sort everything into order, so the best chronology is retained.

Step 2

Quote and Order your restoration project

The easiest way to place your order is through our easy online ordering system. Just set up your account and enter the number of reels of film, tapes, slides etc you have. Our system will generate a quote based on the info you provide and provide you with a job number that you will be able to track your job with right through to completion.

If you’d prefer the old-fashioned paper order, just download and fill in a manual order form and send it with your job

Step 3

Send us your media

Once you’ve placed your order and you have the printed order form, its time to send the material to us.

If it’s convenient for you, drop your order into your nearest office. Otherwise, pack your order into a sturdy box and send by registered post or courier direct to us.

If you don't have the time to go through your originals and get them nicely organised, don't stress! We'll take care of it - just put them in a box and send.

Step 4

We return your originals and digital copies

You can collect your completed order direct from our offices, or if you indicated delivery on your order, we will arrange delivery direct to you. We only use Registered Post or courier for completed orders to ensure there is no risk of deliveries going missing. As an extra safeguard, we archive your order on our servers for 28 days after completing your order.