Slide scanning and restoration service

We scan and restore all slide formats to digital formats suitable for printing as well as DVD or Hard drive for viewing on a TV or computer.

  • Standard 4000 dpi scanning resolution
  • Manual colour correction on all scans to correct colour degradation
  • Each scan is completed and checked by an experienced operator
  • Digital Ice Technology on all scans to remove surface defects such as dust and scratches
  • Cater for all formats including 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 127 and disc film
  • Your choice of file format (jpeg or tif)

Why do we scan at 4000dpi?

Something we've learned in over a decade in this business is that technology always moves forward....and fast!! Whilst a 2000dpi image might be ok today, you can be sure that in a few years it won't be good enough. It's worth a little more effort to get the job done to the highest standard currently available.

Is Digital ICE really necessary?

Digital ICE was developed by Kodak's Austin Development Centre for the purpose of removing image surface defects such as dust and scratches from scanned images.
Unlike most other image enhancement technologies, Digital ICE does not use a software based enhancement. The downside of software based techniques is that image details is inevitably lost, and when archival or future proofing of the image is required, this is less than ideal.
Digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement) is hardware based scanning whiche uses a pair of light sources when scanning the image, one is a standard RGB lamp and the other is an IR (Infrared) lamp. Each lamp scans the image independent of the other, with the IR lamp detecting the location of dust on the image. The technology then proceed to inpaint the image based on the data that has been scanned with a view to providing a scan of the image minus the dust and scratches.
DiskBank are Australia's experts in this technology. With a passion for image restoration, years of experience and the backing of one of Australia's most established and trusted reputation, we'd love you to put us to the test, regardless of the number of scans you require.

There is no substitute for experience

All scanning is carried out by an experienced technician and is completely flexible to your requirements. If you would like to see examples of our work or have us do a test scan for you to evaluate, we'd be glad to help.

Our Prices

There will always be operators offering lower prices. As one of the original operators in Australia, we know what's involved in the scan process. While our prices are some of the best on the market, they are a fair reflection of the amount of work involved in achieving an exception result every time. While our rates are a fair reflection of the work involved in our scans, we're able to offer very competitive rates as a result of the efficient processes we use.