Video Conversions / Transfers - Our Process

Videotape transfers are our most popular service, with our premium transfer making up well over ¾ of all video transfers we undertake.

There are two video transfer processes we offer – standard and premium transfers.

Standard Video Tape Transfers

Our standard video transfers are a low cost option designed for less important video footage.

This transfer process doesn't include the advantage of editing the captured footage, as it’s burned direct to disc. This can sometimes mean there are long sections of blank footage after play back ends and recording stops. For footage that you just want to be able to view on the convenience of a DVD, this service is perfect.

The encoding hardware in these machines is lower grade meaning the results are nowhere near as good as our premium transfers.

Premium Video transfers

Our flag ship video transfer service delivers the best quality output with total flexibility for you.

This service is designed for your irreplaceable home movies and delivers the best quality result anywhere on the market.

Our process for these transfers is as follows:


Once we receive your tapes, we check them for required repairs. This can be anything from splicing a broken tape right through to completely re-shelling an entire tape. Our standard cost for tape repair is $20 inc GST, however if the repair is extensive, this cost may be higher. Either way, we will confirm with you before proceeding.


Next, its time to capture the tapes to professional grade edit stations custom built for the purpose of editing. Everything we use in this process is professional grade and will deliver the best results for your film.


An experienced video editor will watch through your footage and remove unusable segments (blank, blue screen, white noise etc). This includes a top and tail of the video providing a clean start and finish to your footage.


Restoration possibilities with videotape are more limited than with film, yet we can still enhance most captured videotape footage.

Tracking related problems are quite common, particularly with older analogue tape. Our extensive range of playback equipment can usually eliminate most of these issues at capture stage.

Jagged edges around the perimeter of the footage are another real issue which can usually be overcome by cropping a few pixels from the edge of the captured footage.

Finally in some cases we apply colour and contrast correction before outputting finished footage, resulting in an output that is more true to the original footage.


Flexibility is one of the key features of our premium transfers. Unlike our standard transfers, you can choose whichever output format you like (DVD, Blu-Ray, uncompressed file formats for Mac or PC, hard drive, thumb drive and more).

Many customers choose to output their footage to DVD for immediate playback and opt also to have the footage on uncompressed file for long-term storage or DIY editing.

Our premium transfer allows you the total flexibility to capture your footage exactly as you want it.